A few more free LORAs, newly released and of possible interest to Tentaclii readers. For use with the free AI image-generator Stable Diffusion 1.5 on a PC.

Chriss Foss style LORA, for generating Chris Foss ‘wasp’ spaceships.

The Mist LORA, for deep mist with huge monsters looming out of it. Might work well with Lovecraftian shorelines?

Xenozoic Tales – v1.0 LORA, with a nice retro-comics inking style which may be suitable for 1950s pulp illustrations.

Also a rare (the only one?) Anaglyph Image Generator LORA. If you’re lucky, it will generate viable old-school 3D images of the type you view with red-blue glasses. Which may interest some. Perhaps combine with the new Psychedelic Landscape LORA for way-out-there 1970s posters / album-covers with depth?