Free stuff

My free short texts:

All links checked and repaired April 2022.

The Annotated “History of the Necronomicon”. H.P. Lovecraft’s infamous short text, extensively annotated.

The Annotated “The Lurking Fear”. “Fear” was a Home Brew pulp ‘shocker’, which H.P. Lovecraft used to test the Catskill Mountains as a potential suitable location for his emerging horror stories.

The Annotated “Nyarlathotep”. My first venture into H.P. Lovecraft annotation.

The Annotated “The Cats of Ulthar”. August 2019, for Lovecraft’s Birthday.

The annotated “The City” (1919), a poem by ‘Ward Phillips’ (H.P. Lovecraft) from the very genesis of his cosmic mythos, on the 100th anniversary.

The annotated “Hypnos”, August 2020, for Lovecraft’s Birthday.

An index for his poetry, August 2021, for Lovecraft’s 131st birthday.

⚙ A free sample essay from my book Lovecraft In Historical Context: the fifth collection (2014). “H.P. Lovecraft and Great Zimbabwe”.

⚙ A free sample essay from my book Lovecraft in Historical Context: the third collection (2013). “A Real Horror: on the 1918 flu epidemic in Providence”.

“On Cloud Atlas and Catharism”. An extended scholarly review, examining Cloud Atlas in historical context.

⚙ My draft “Selected bibliography on The Time Machine by H.G. Wells”. Created during my emerging scholarly interest in the early Wells, when I was writing a sequel to The Time Machine.

The Folk-lore of North Staffordshire: An Annotated Bibliography, England. Only of local interest. But we do have the setting for the world-famous supernatural tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, among others.

There are also some book reviews and a The Providence art of Whitman Bailey artbook on this blog.

My books:

⚙ No major books at present, though I have in the past given away three of these in PDF for a limited time. Watch this space!

Guest books and papers:

⚙ Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. and David Haden (2014), The Providence Amateur Press Club, 1914-1916. Second edition, revised and with new illustrations. Lovecraft’s local attempt to start an amateur journalism group in Providence.

⚙ Randy Everts, Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No. 1, Chester Alwyn Mowry.

⚙ Randy Everts, Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No. 2, Woodburn Prescott Harris.

⚙ Randy Everts, Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No. 3, David Horn Whitter.

⚙ Randy Everts, Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No. 4, James Tobey Pyke.

RK – Rheinhart Kleiner: A Memoir. A new scan of the 1951 stencil-printed booklet by James Guinane, with my new annotations. With thanks to Dennis Weiler for the raw scans.

An early Lovecraft appearance in fiction: “The Black Druid” (1930). My annotated PDF of the Frank Belknap Long story.

⚙ Horace Smith, “John Edwards of the Ladd Observatory at Brown – Cockney or Cornishman?”.


The Alphabet of Walking: a new anthology, which I made as a little side-project from my book Walking with Cthulhu: H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City 1924-26.

London Reimagined: an anthology of visions of the future city. An old sampler I made, intended for classroom use.

Audio readings:

⚙ Audio readings of Lovecraft’s “The Cats of Ulthar” and “The Moon-Bog”; plus a version of “The Boy Who Shuddered”, from the Brothers Grimm.

Free art, maps, book covers:

Some Places Known to Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Hi-res map of Lovecraft’s places in Providence. Not to be sold or re-distributed please. Omits: the Athenaeum (very little evidence of his connection with it); his childhood schools, the YMCA, and buildings/places variously claimed to have inspired his stories. There may eventually be a second map that covers the latter.

High resolution version of a map of Lovecraft’s Providence (1.6Mb, in .JPG, edition). Now in the 2019 revised edition: adds Eddy’s Bookshop; Fox Point; Twin Islands; St. John’s Cemetery.

RPG scenario:

“The Assemblage of Dr Arnold Astrall”. Copiously illustrated.