My Books

Lovecraft in Historical Context: fifth collection. 80,000 words, 340 pages. Available in paperback.

Lovecraft in Historical Context: fourth collection. 76,000 words, 304 pages. Available in paperback or on Amazon USA or Amazon UK.

Walking With Cthulhu : H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City 1924-26. 55,000 words, 198 pages. Illustrated. Bibliography. Index. Buy a print paperback, Also available for the Kindle in the U.S.A. and the U.K. with a fully-linked “round trip” endnotes system.

Lovecraft in Historical Context: a Third Collection of Essays and Notes. Buy it as a print paperback, or for the Amazon Kindle (USA or UK).

Lovecraft in Historical Context: further essays and notes.   Buy it as a print paperback or for the Amazon Kindle USA and UK. 31,000 words.

Lovecraft in Historical Context: essays.   Buy it as a print paperback or for the Kindle. 18,000 words, just a collection of tidied early blog posts at Tentaclii.

Good Old Mac: Henry Everett McNeil, 1862—1929. On the surprising life and work of Lovecraft’s good friend and key member of the Kalem Club. Buy it as a paperback.

Ice Cores: essays on Lovecraft’s novella ‘At the Mountains of Madness’. Informal essays on the famous work, and its historical context.  Buy it as a print paperback, or for the Amazon Kindle in the the U.S.A. or the U.K. 18,000 words.

You may also enjoy my original 60,000-word novel The Spyders of Burslem, available from Amazon USA and Amazon UK or in paperback from

It is the year 1869 in the English Midlands pottery town of Burslem, where a new age of industry and learning struggles to be born. A young graduate has arrived to teach the workers, but finds himself on the trail of a deadly evil.

More recent local books include my H. G. Wells in the Potteries: North Staffordshire and the genesis of The Time Machine, which discovers the twin sources of Wells’s Time Traveller character; and a fresh look at the identity of the Gawain-poet, Strange Country: Sir Gawain in the moorlands of North Staffordshire. An investigation.

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