I’m always partial to a bit of good song-and-dance musical theatre, and so was pleased to hear of a new musical version of Lovecraft’s story “The Call of Cthulhu”. Albeit done with puppets, in a Muppets style. Sounds fun, and it runs for two hours under the title of Cthulhu: the Musical! (R-rated). You can catch it touring America with the ‘Puppeteers for Fears’ troupe, a puppeteer troupe based out of Oregon, USA. They’re now a month away from setting out on a 2023 post-lockdown summer tour, with a banner tour headline of “Back from the Dead”. Also on the road with them will be a full rock band, multimedia projectionists and (one hopes) some cute 1970s-style groupies.

Booking now.

Update: Reviews say it’s only very “loosely based” on Lovecraft’s story.