News to me, Malign Providence (2022), a new Centipede Press book offering a “collection of stories by Jonathan Thomas”…

sixteen tales that depict a time and place from our recent past that is at once familiar yet distorted through Thomas’ cosmic horror lens. His Providence isn’t just that of Lovecraft’s home, but of his own brand of mythos [and the] creatures of Lovecraft’s most revered work are only present in whispers and rumblings.

Has titles such as “King of Cat Swamp”, although I’m uncertain if Lovecraft himself puts it some sort of appearance. Yet I know that Jonathan Thomas has written at least one story in which (it is said) the shade of Lovecraft rises to revisit modern Providence. Thus this book seems close enough for me to use the “Lovecraft as character” tag for the blog post.

Unfortunately for those wanting a copy, the 500-copy edition has sold out.