Many thanks to Martin A. for letting me know that Tuesday’s ‘mystery picture’ of Lovecraft was printed in a higher-res form in the anthology Eternal Lovecraft (1998). I’ve here combined this with the thumbnail of the 1975 MiniCon flyer version that was up for sale, to show what was cropped. Mostly the eerie footprints on the rock. It may also indicate that highlights were blown out on later cropped prints. If you view at 100% and look closely at the face, on the left side there may be indication of the facial scarring caused by his ingrowing facial hairs and ‘tweezers trouble’.

H.P. Lovecraft in August 1922, standing on a promontory rock ledge in an ocean cleft at Magnolia, Mass. Most likely to be in “Rafe’s Chasm”.

A ‘picture postal’ that Lovecraft sent, 1927.

“explored the cliffs of Magnolia, overlooking Norman’s Woe, and containing the celebrated Rafe’s Chasm.”

“the striking sea-cliffs of Magnolia — with the yawning abyss of Rafe’s Chasm”

He later compares it very favourably with “The chasm on M’head Neck”, near Marblehead, which might give Mythos fiction writer an interesting lead on a suitable setting for a tale. If it hasn’t been used already.

Here is the back of a postcard from Lovecraft, dated 29th June 1922 and postmarked “Magnolia Station” for the 30th.

Spent this morning on the rocks while pearl-grey mists surged out of the sky to mix with the sea. Over the cliffs one might see only the abyss of milky vapour, as if it were the void beyond the Edge of the World. Will not return …