Saturday-morning cartoons? Tentaclii has ’em! Newly uploaded to, but made some years ago, a H.P. Lovecraft Motion Comic: The Rats In The Walls (2017). Excellent, even if we don’t get to see comic-book frames. 30 minutes, good narration. Also, it has Spanish subtitles here. Well worth watching.

The same maker also made H.P. Lovecraft Motion Comic: The Call Of Cthulhu (2015), which is on YouTube only.

Motion comics? They were partially animated comic-book-like animations made on the desktop PC with Adobe After Effects (not ideal) or (if you do a bit more research on software) with dedicated motion-comics software such as MotionArtist. Sadly they died off, despite portable HTML5 output, partly due to the additional labour needed to make them and partly due to the intensely conventional stance of the bulk of comic-book buyers. Maybe they’ll be revived, now that AI will be able to do some of the heavy lifting re: artwork, and now that comics buyers (different than readers) are a little less averse to ‘digital’.

MotionArtist 1.3, on which development stopped 2017. But it still works and can still be had if you look hard enough. It’s also well-documented and has abundant video tutorials.