S.T. Joshi’s Blog has updated. Joshi is tallying current submissions for the summer 2022 editions of his Penumbra mega-journal and the Lovecraft Annual. He’s now moving into the ‘call for submissions’ phase and there are opportunities in both publications…

I am somewhat short of material (especially articles) for Penumbra at this moment, so I encourage anyone out there who wishes to write about weird fiction (either a specific author or work in the field or some general topic) to send me an article. There is plenty of space! Lovecraft Annual also needs some filling up, but I imagine I will have a full issue in due course of time.

Great. I’ve sent a 6,000 word article in for Penumbra. Not on Lovecraft.

He also writes that he’s at work on the Long letters, which give tantalising glimpses of what the lost Lovecraft-to-Long letters contained (the period lost is Spring 1931 to 1937).

In a letter dating to May 1932, Long includes an extensive and explicit discussion of (hold on to your hats, people) sex. This is clearly a response to a letter Lovecraft wrote on the subject.