Since I last looked, the Italian Lovecraftian scholars have released several new journals.

Zothique #9 appeared at the end of September 2021.

* “an article on “The Weird and Sword & Sorcery”, which highlights the ‘Celtic substratum’.”

* “a small but succulent special section dedicated to the theme of music in weird literature, introduced by an essay by Davide Arecco, researcher and professor of History of science and technology at the University of Genoa, and with rare or unpublished stories ( by L.A. Lewis, Clark Ashton Smith, Emil Petaja, A.W. Calder, Jessie Adelaide Middleton), poems (by Jo. Dart and Robert Chambers) and also a comic that, signed by the master Gino Carosini (author of the text and drawings) presents a meeting as strange as it is unexpected: the one between the tales of Lovecraft and the music of Chet Baker!”

* “the fourth part of Mariano D’Anza’s long study on Robert E. Howard’s poetry”

Zothique #10 which apparently appeared a few weeks later as an “Autumn 2021” edition. This is the second Robert E. Howard special, of a planned three.

* “another substantial selection of articles and essays dedicated to the Bard of Cross Plains, together with a choice of unpublished works that expand the Italian bibliography of the writer.”

* “Giovanni Valenzano offers a very detailed excursus on werewolves and other shape-shifting beasts in Howard’s fiction”

* “Andrea Gualchierotti with brilliant erudition speaks to us of magic and witchcraft in the cycle of Conan the Barbarian, finding surprising parallels with the real magicians of the classical world.”

* “Mariano D’Anza’s work on the sources of Howardian poetry continues, this being his fifth section.”

Studi Lovecraftiani #20 with the announcement post being dated 12th January 2022.

* “a thorough examination of HPL’s cultural heritage in modern literature and media”

* “an in-depth study of cursed grimoires and impossible books that sprang from its pen and that of other authors”

* “a piece on Lovecraft’s monsters seen as a psychological metaphor, the first part of a learned study on the abstraction of corporeality in HPL’s fiction”

* “an original article that discloses a source never before identified for the short story “The Nameless City”.”

* “three unpublished [in Italian] writings by HPL himself, starting with a memory of his school days, where the writer also tells a funny episode that occurred during the graduation ceremony; then one of his essays where he criticizes the famous poem “The Waste Land” by Thomas Eliot, and, translated here for the first time, there are also his extraordinary notes that he needed to write the famous short story “The Shadow over Innsmouth”.”

The Italian Horror Magazine also notes that #20 has…

* “”Lovecraft’s Call: A Few Considerations on the Cultural Heritage of the Providence Dreamer.” The last part of which talks… “about Lovecraft the philosopher and conservative, a man flanked by authors apparently very distant from him such as Cesare Pavese, William Butler Yeats, Yukio Mishima and Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, Ezra Pound and even the late-stage Pasolini.”

* “Lovecraft and the Bible, examining the influence of the King James Bible on Lovecraft’s tales.”

* “an interview with Richard Stanley, director of The Colour Out Of Space movie.”