I’m still working my way through the magificent uncut S.T. Joshi Lovecraft biography I Am Providence. It’s proving not a jot too long. Apparently Lovecraft had a rather short-lived job as a cinema ticket-booth man around 1929/30. Imagine walking into the dim lobby of a cinema to see Nosferatu (released in the Eastern USA in 1929) and finding Lovecraft behind the glass! As for his viewing of cinema, apparently Lovecraft often fell asleep at the cinema or just walked out of many films he saw. Having recently seen two-thirds of the dreadfully wooden and dated H. Rider Haggard adaptation She (1935), then simply given up on it, I’m inclined to see why. It does, however, have a few nice Arctic matte scenes — and the interesting and key line: “You Haunters of Darkness!”. Lovecraft titled a story “The Haunter of The Dark” later that same year.