Now available as a paperback, for those who prefer to read in print rather than from a screen — my new book Lovecraft in Historical Context: further essays and notes. PayPal accepted.

CONTENTS: Story – “The Quest to Azathoth” (new 5,000 word short story). Essays and Historical Notes – 1. The Typewriter of H.P. Lovecraft; 2. Some Notes on the Origins of Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space”; 3. Appendix: Quabbin and “The Colour Out of Space”; 4. Lovecraft, Houdini, and Egypt in Fantastic Literature; 5. What Does Danforth See At The End of Mountains?; 6. A Fainting Spell: Lovecraft and fainting; 7. Looking into Lovecraft’s Toilet; 8. Loveman as a Source for “Hypnos”. 9. The Mystery of “J.N.”; 10. A Note on the Pickwick Club Disaster; 11. On The Real Mammoth Cave and “The Beast in the Cave”; 12. The Winds of Insanity; 13. The Cats of H.P. Lovecraft; 14. Cats and the Fantastical (a bibliography); 15. A Note on the Elder Signs; 16. Secrecy and Secretions; 17. Postcards from the High House; 18. Two Postcards from the Providence Public Library; 19. An Alternate Ending: a fiction.

Illustrated with my own cover artwork. 31,000 words. 134 pages. July 2011. Perfect-bound paperback with colour covers. Buy it here.

Also available: the first volume of Lovecraft in Historical Content (2010) in paperback