More new(ish) LORAs which may appeal to Tentaclii readers. LORAs being free plugins that ‘guide’ the AI images made with your local install of Stable Diffusion 1.5.

* New this week is the somewhat Solomon Kane-ish Witch Hunters, which by the look of it was also trained with some over-the-top corporate card-art. Still, you can stack LORAs, thus you could blend it with another such as James Purefoy (Solomon Kane) which was trained on movie stills.

* One I missed, from a year ago, CthulhuTECH. Every image, no matter what the subject, becomes somewhat Cthuloid. This one is a LYCORIS, but is used in the same way as a LORA. CthulhuTECH is very well documented, so make sure to click “Show more” and then save a .MHTML page alongside your download.

Also has a cthulhuTECH books add-on as a LORA.

* Looking at the CthulhuTECH maker’s other stuff, I see I also missed his Pulp Ladies – In Spaaaaace. Again, it’s a LYCORIS but could still be combined with a LORA to give the image output a more ‘aged pulp cover’ feel.