You wait ages for new Lovecraft-ish LORAs to come along, then two come along on the same day. As usual these are for local generation of AI images with SD 1.5, and are free.

* Classic Film Noir (Concept) – v1.0. “This LORA is designed to reproduce the feeling of classic noir aesthetics. The clothing, the people, the lighting, the camera work and the time period.” And it’s not censored for the ubiquitous smoking of the era, either.

* Marine Biology v1.0 LORA.

* Also a most useful helper today, Vertical View Angle Slider LECO – v1.0. A LECO just goes in the LORA folder and acts the same. Use with From_Above or From_Below or (from below) placed early in the prompt, and then tweak the slider a bit for precise and reliable camera-angle control.