Brazilian journal Das Questoes has an ‘After Speculative Realism’ special as its latest issue. Leads with “The Cthulhu Ascendancy: H.P. Lovecraft and the Tentacles of Speculative Realism” in English. The later article “Is the Future of Speculative Realism in the Study of Literature?” may also interest.

The latest edition of Brumal also has “Hijos de Cthulhutl: deidades prehispanicas y horror cosmico en H.P. Lovecraft” (‘Sons of Cthulhu: Prehispanic Deities and Cosmic Horror in H.P. Lovecraft’. Though the choices don’t quite seem to suit the grand title. The author examines two lesser collaborative works “The Transition of Juan Romero” (1919, a quick demo for the Circle of how to revamp a “dull” story by amateur Philip B. McDonald) and “The Electric Executioner” (1929, a revision of an earlier story by de Castro).