More new free LORA plugins for Stable Diffusion 1.5, noted since my last such post and likely to interest some Tentaclii readers. Running these requires free software such as InvokeAI or ComfyUI, a Stable Diffusion model, and a newer graphics-card in your PC.

The new Overgrowth Style which could be used with the also-new Moss Beasts.

Proto. This might be used with the also-new Glass Sculptural LORA, to make new ‘Blaschka glass animals’ as if from the deep sea.

The new R-Fantasy LORA Edition – v1.0. Get the R-Fantasy model’s generic fantasy-art look in combination with any model, potentially. May have problems with the anatomy on fantasy beasts, by the look of it.

New, a LORA for the Alessandro Biffignandi comic style – v1.0. A 1980s Italian comics artist, who a book on his work describes as… “One of the most accomplished and prolific fumetti cover artists was Alessandro Biffignandi, whose artworks featured horror, fantasy and sci-fi elements.” And plenty of big-breasted ladies, by the look of it.

And finally, from summer 2023 but newly discovered, Doomer Boomer – v1.0. Not a LORA but a model. Specifically trained with SD 1.5 at 768px and with quality inputs, to output the styles of the more painterly late 1970s / early 1980s Heavy Metal magazine and similar vintage fantasy paperback-cover / album-cover artists. Can be guided by prompts to make images as if “by Frank Frazetta”, “by Brom” etc.