New to me, a 2015 McFarland study I’d missed, The Literary Haunted House: Lovecraft, Matheson, King and the Horror in Between. Finding this led me to note that the same author also put together a Haunted House Short Stories anthology in 2021, and (more in my line) edited a new essay collection book The Scientist in Popular Culture: Playing God and Working Wonders (2022). Amazon has no TOCs for the latter, but Google Books has a basic list of chapters:

Frankenstein Goes West;
“Pay Attention, 007”;
A Space Odyssey;
The Scientist as Sixties Icon;
Why Is Everything So Heavy in the Future?;
Through Heroism and Science, Woman Inherits the Earth;
A Scientific Method to Muppet Madness;
All of It Madness;
A Feeling for the Clone;
Its My Time Now, The Time of Science;
I Suggest You Don’t Worry about Those Things and Just Enjoy Yourself.