Hurrah! A very kind benefactor, who was upgrading to a blisteringly fast 40x series graphics-card, gifted me his old GeForce RTX 3060 12Gb graphics-card. This worth-$250 hunk o’ joy has been slotted in to my PC and suitably wrangled. Thus I’m now a proper local/desktop AI image generator. Since I also managed to install InvokeAI 3 on Windows 7 (it runs Stable Diffusion models), with a little .DLL swop-out trick, and everything AI is working fine and fast with the new card.

Nicely timed, released today… the free Alienscape – Strange Landscapes LoRA for SD 1.5. Generates the sort of landscapes you might have seen on an old SF paperback cover, from your descriptive text prompt.

The other thing I’m enjoying is the Stable Diffusion community ethos, once you break free from the paywalled online service-providers. Everything is free, once you have the card to run it locally. UI’s, models, add-ons, tutorials, workflows. All free. Nice.