The German Lovecraftians have posted their club’s monthly update. Items of note:

* Their annual Lovecrafter double-issue magazine is bagged, stacked and ready to mail.

* Notes what sounds like a survey / overview article elsewhere, on…

Lovecraft in film [which] appeared in the German issue #15 of the film magazine Art of Horror. The feature looks at Lovecraft’s own attitude towards the medium, which was still young at the time, the direct film adaptations of his work, and productions that are indirectly influenced by his ideas on cosmic horror.

* The best of Weird Tales has been published in German as a 100th anniversary slipcase edition containing five hardcover books… “This anniversary edition, limited to 999 copies, contains 111 creepy and bizarre stories from the magazine’s first phase (1923 to 1954). Most of them appear for the first time in German.”

* There’s also a panning review (spoilers) of Alan Moore’s Providence comics series / graphic novel. Spoiler-free quote…

But rarely does it [the ‘inspired by Lovecraft’ thing] happen as clumsily and — in my opinion — disrespectfully as here. [The tale becomes] completely disrespectful after the great first volumes. What a story ‘Providence’ could have told if Moore had limited himself to telling a Lovecraftian story. In the ‘Neonomicon’ he succeeded [but] it’s a real shame that at the end of ‘Providence’] Moore resorts to the cheapest of twists to bring this great series to an utterly undignified end. […] Do yourself a favour and skip the ending [of ‘Providence’]. It’s a fiasco.