Newly listed on Hippocampus Press website (now accessible from the UK without a VPN, I’m pleased to see) are…

For the Outsider: Poems Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft which collects… “a plethora of poetic tributes from friends, colleagues, and disciples” and later acolytes. What a great idea. The listing page has the full list of included poems.

Those wanting even more poetry can find it in the new Spectral Realms No. 19, which I’m pleased to see includes “The Nightmare” by Erasmus Darwin as a classic reprint. This must be an extract from the famous The Botanic Garden: the Economy of Vegetation. This section (if given in full, rather than just the ‘demon chapel’ scene) is set near to me in the Staffordshire Moorlands. The section follows the river underground (it vanishes underground each summer). Interestingly, it’s also the very same valley used as the setting of the final part of the supernatural classic Sir Gawain & The Green Knight. Though Erasmus had no idea about Gawain at that time. My recent book Strange Country: Sir Gawain in the moorlands of North Staffordshire. An investigation has the details.

And… hurrah… another table-trembling slab of letters from Lovecraft, in the form of the near 600-page H. P. Lovecraft: Letters to Hyman Bradofsky and Others. We also get letters to… “Richard Ely Morse, Margaret Sylvester, John J. Weir, and a pair of brilliant weird artists, Virgil Finlay and Frank Utpatel.” Despite the page-count it’s currently on Amazon UK at £22.95, rather than the now-usual £30+ price for the books of letters I don’t yet have.