New on LibriVox, an audiobook of Weather Influences (1904) by Edwin Grant Dexter of the University of Illinois. Being “An empirical study of the mental and physiological effects of definite meteorological conditions” published for the general reader by the reputable MacMillan publishing company. Thus this is relevant to Lovecraft, in terms of the effects that weather had on his very special physiology and biochemistry.

The book opens with a look at time-worn weather proverbs, animal weather lore, and “Weather Influences in Literature”. It may also interest those interested in the effects of the weather on mental states. The book is also of possible interest to those whose professional interests involve deciding the most receptive time to release new information.

Also online as a ebook in a good Wellcome Library scan. There was a review in the journal Nature in June 1905.

A more contemporary judgement is given in a 2015 article on Dexter, “Edwin Grant Dexter: an early researcher in human behavioral biometeorology”, which states that…

Dexter’s Weather influences, while demonstrating an exemplary approach to weather, health, and behavior relationships, came at the end of a long era of such studies, as health, social, and meteorological sciences were turning to different paradigms to advance their fields. For these reasons, Dexter’s approach and contributions may not have been fully recognized at the time and are, consequently, worthy of consideration by contemporary biometeorologists.