In France, the translator of their new Lovecraft editions is interviewed in interview with La Petit Journal. This is free and in HTML, so can be easily translated. The chat brings news of the next project…

Q: Today, a subscription is launched, until 4th May 2023, for the French translation of the correspondence between Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft. How important is this exchange between the two authors, in terms of a better understand Lovecraft’s work?

A: We see the man at work, and in his exchanges with a friend and fellow author. They talk about literature, publishing, history and politics. It is, in a way, the “behind the scenes” of Lovecraft at work.

Q: What will this new French translation of the letters offer, compared to the original?

A: We have some original documents, but above all we intend to enrich this correspondence with our own critical apparatus. Along with several iconic documents: photos of the authors, of their friends, of the places where they lived, reproductions of their letters, covers of the magazines where they published, etc.

The crowdfunder is at a site I’d not known about,, as La correspondance de Robert E. Howard et Howard P. Lovecraft. It’s already been nearly 400%+ funded.