A few Black Friday sale items I’ve noticed, of possible interest to Tentaclii readers. All rather modest savings so far. No ‘80% off’ door-busters, as yet.

Blambot has 30% off of their comic-book lettering fonts, by using coupon-code CYBERWEEK at the checkout. Expires 4th December 2022. Some horror fonts and vintage 1950s EC comics type fonts. They also have vintage ad fonts, suitable for recreating old ads and poster for RPGs.

25% off a one-time perpetual licence for the QuarkXpress DTP desktop software. Don’t judge it by the bad reputation it had back in 2002. It’s now worth considering if you need a full DTP desktop software, and (unlike Adobe’s InDesign) it doesn’t require an expensive plugin to export to HTML5.

A modest 25% off Gigapixel AI, the best desktop image up-scaler. Apparently still available as a standalone, for now. They had announced that it would only be available in a bundle with their other AI software.

Modest discounts on DxO ViewPoint 4. If you visit places and make or have a lot of pictures of buildings or rooms, this ‘partly automatic’ desktop software straightens the curved/wonky verticals and horizontals. Used to be very cheap, a couple of years ago. Now more expensive.

No discounts yet on PDF Index Generator, DocFetcher Pro, JitBit Macro Recorder, Scrivener 3, Booksorber. CQuill Writer is 30% off all year round, so doesn’t really count.

As with all software, try before you buy, to check your OS can run it and if you like the user interface. Some software, such as Serif’s Affinity Publisher DTP software, have squinty deal-breaker UIs. Others won’t run on old OSs. AI software may require a certain grade of graphics card.