Serif’s Affinity has launched its version 2.0 suite of Adobe-killers. Of interest to scholars and writers is that there are now footnotes, as a new feature in its Publisher DTP software for desktop. Seemingly this feature is also in the iPad app version of Publisher. I assume the footnotes work as they do in Word.

Affinity Publisher v2 on its own can currently be had on an introductory discount for £35.99 UK ($40.99 US), if you don’t need the other Affinity software (equivalents of Photoshop and Illustrator). That’s an excellent one-off price for such a polished DTP software, though note that…

* the InDesign-like UI is going to be a bit scary for the first week for some users

* it’s very eye-straining, since on Windows you can’t scale the UI with its tiny fonts and labels. Mac users can at least scale up the UI font size.

* Windows 7 users should note that Publisher 1.9.2 was apparently the last that could run on Windows 7.

What you don’t get is, compared to the competitors…

* The user-friendliness and Word-like UI of Microsoft Publisher.

* Adobe InDesign’s plugin ecosystem.

* QuarkXpress’s integrated HTML5 output.

Also, I see that at long last Scrivener 3.x is out for Windows, after years and years of waiting.