No postcards, this Friday. I sometimes feel that visitors coming hoping for monsters may be a little disappointed to find me chuntering about the places Lovecraft knew/visited. So here’s a selection of full-blown monsters, as if from some unfinished and long-lost 1980s Dreamlands book made under the influence of Brian Froud…






Made with AI and some Photoshop-ing, of course. I’ve discovered the trick of getting an art-gen AI to consistently produce an isolated figure on a plain backdrop. It’s my understanding that raw AI generated art can’t be in copyright, unless then manually reconfigured (e.g. with significant manual over-painting, or the art used for comic-book panels that are then overlaid with text). So, despite my Photoshop fixes and tweaks on the above, all the above five pictures are here placed under full Creative Commons Attribution. Feel free to use them in your RPG etc. If you need better names, Murray Ewing has a new Lovecraftian Title Generator.

Elsewhere this week, Noah Pinion asks “Is AI a Lovecraftian intelligence?”.