Happy 132nd Birthday, H.P. Lovecraft.

For 2022 my birthday present is a readable edition of the previously uncollected letters of E. Hoffmann Price to H.P. Lovecraft. This 350-page book complements the recently-published edited volume of the letters from Lovecraft to Price.

Download: Get the .PDF free on Gumroad. For the most stable download I’ve put it on Gumroad, which may also help you send it over to your 10″ Kindle.

These letters and many postcards were sent by veteran pulpster Price between 1932 and 1937. Brown has some 15Gb of scans of these… but they needed to be collected as single magazine-sized .PDF ebook. Don’t worry, the scans have been crunched down to just 65Mb total for the book. Please note that my assemblage is intended for convenient reading from a 10″ digital tablet, rather than as a scholarly edited edition.

To discover the archival scan number of a letter or card, download and then extract the PDF with the Windows freeware PDF Image Extractor. The images should still have their filenames, and these will give you the required scan numbers at the Brown Repository. By this same method you can also determine what new pictures I’ve added, as these have no Brown repository numbers. A few layout gaps, caused by the many two-to-the-page postcards, have been occasionally filled by me with new vintage pictures.

My thanks to all those who have been involved in preserving these and making the scans freely available.

Those with the cash to do so could use a service (Lulu, MagCloud, etc) to print-on-demand at a 12″ magazine size, then mark the good bits at leisure in an armchair, and then pass the result to a transcriber to create a less repetitive and more enjoyable “Extracts from…” text book.