New to me, a novel with Lovecraft as an extended character. It’s Martian Falcon (2015) by Alan K. Baker, who I find is a fellow Brummie from Birmingham, England.

The title is a play on the famous noir The Maltese Falcon. Lovecraft becomes a private investigator along with Charles Fort, in the New York City of 1925. A 1925 in which “the supernatural is real”. The Kindle edition is £2 in the UK. In paper it runs to 292 pages.

Skimming the reviews quickly builds a picture of a fun steampunk / mythos / pulp-noir / Martian mash-up adventure in an alternative New York. Sounds great.

Sadly, despite the cover’s ‘Lovecraft and Fort’ strapline seeming to suggest a series, there don’t appear to have been any more such novels.