More link-fixing this evening.

For some reason, after the fresh WordPress as first installed, this was fine for getting the PDFs…


Now it’s not and it’s just…


Yet the /index.php/ is needed for the links to the HTML blog post pages. ‘Go figure’, as Americans say.

The other problem is that a direct link to a PDF respects capitalisation. A free WordPress blog forces the filename down to the_cats_of_ulthar_annotated_2019_fontsembedded.pdf in the link and on the server. But a paid hosting server will have it as the original filename of The_Cats_of_Ulthar_annotated_2019_fontsembedded.pdf (note the uppercase) and will thus refuse to serve the PDF. The filenames of all my .PDFs are now lower-cased to match the links.

Anyway, PDFs and freebies links have all been check by hand, again. They should now all be working.

Also, I’ve been able to restore the pictures on my little RPG adventure A pictorial RPG scenario: The Assemblage of Dr. Arnold Astrall.

The sidebar now looks nicer and neater.

I’ve spent a further hour with a regex plugin (search/replace) rooting out any remaining jurn .org links, and as far as I can see they are now fixed and gone.

The PayPal donations link has been restored to the blog’s sidebar.