A few discounts of likely interest to the books-and-publishing crowd…

* The latest PDF Index Generator, for making back-of-the-book indexes, 30% off with the BF30 coupon code. The best such budget-priced indexer, in my view.

* Serif currently has 30% off everything in its budget-priced Affinity range of software. Including their DTP software. I’ve never used it, knowing instead InDesign and Microsoft Publisher, but it gets good reviews.

* DxO Viewpoint 3 is deeply discounted. If you’re a researcher who makes lots of architectural photos on trips, it automatically straightens verticals and horizontals. Far more than just another ‘lens distortion fixer’ plugin, and recommended.

* Topaz GigaPixel AI can currently be had for $75 (25% off), for up-scaling pictures. It can’t work miracles all the time, but most of the time it does.

No discounts yet on Docfetcher Pro (full-text desktop search), or Booksorber (quickly digitize books).