Further to my interest in Kipling’s A.B.C. universe I’ve now found an Aerial Board of Control RPG from 1993 (revised 1998), set in the alternative world of his “Night Mail” future airship semi-utopia. It’s now free online as Forgotten Futures I: The A.B.C. Files and weighs in at 52,000 words. Also the core Forgotten Futures rulebook, and other similar source books from which to mix and match ideas are to be found here. Useful for writers wanting to write in the A.B.C. universe as well, I’d suggest, what with history, timelines and character generator sheets and all. Author Mark Rowland welcomes PayPal donations.

He had previous done RPGs such as Call of Cthulhu: Nightmare In Norway, which appear to feature trolls that turn out to be a cross between the Martense clan in “The Lurking Fear” and Wells’s Morlocks. His Forgotten Futures series appears to be well-regarded by the RPG crowd and was covered this summer by the 40-minute podcast The GROGNARD Files

Marcus L Rowland take us on a tour on his works, and the ways that it has been distributed during its years of production.