Pre-Halloween 2021 H.P. Lovecraft Walking Tour & Film Screening Tickets, October 2021 in Providence. Booking now.

Not sure what the best time of year is for hard up-and-down hillside walking in Providence, if there’s ever a good time for walking in what is apparently a very car-centric city. The Web is useless on that. Astro-turfed with what are obviously robo-written pages on ‘best time to visit’ for gullible tourists, written as it temperature and rainfall is all that matters. And the increasingly crappy search-engines are happy to rank them highly.

Back when NecronomiCon was a big thing for Lovecraftians, I recall that August was deemed a rather hot/humid time to visit and not ideal for strenuous walking tours. But I’d imagine that the first strong cold/dry snap at the end of the Autumn/Fall could be good. Cold enough to have driven the students and any lingering sneer-do-wells indoors, but the chilly breeze nicely cooling down a hot and puffing hill-walker. And at that point the leaves would be more or less off the trees, and not so thickly mushed on the sidewalks as they might be in October. Lack of leaves would also mean that the buildings and views could be seen better. Indeed, my hunch on the best timing seems to be backed up by Humble Fabulist. He evidently found 24th November a good date to try it.

If it were me I’d also want one of these in the backpack.