There’s a new issue of The Fossil freely available online.

David Goudsward tugs on a jungle creeper and swings manfully over the early Tarzan movies filmed at Silver Springs, Florida. He finds them to be mere phantasms of the river-mists, and that Lovecraft was actually wrong in his letters. None of the Tarzan films made during Lovecraft’s life were filmed along the river, though Goudsward posits that some ‘splicing in’ of old newsreel clips of underwater swimming in the pools. This would have allowed the Silver Springs promoters to make the claim and technically be correct. The article gives a taster of his new book Adventurous Liberation: H.P. Lovecraft in Florida, now said elsewhere in The Fossil to be set for a release late in 2021.

There is also an article and several reviews of recent academic work on the changing age profiles of amateur journalism, in the years before Lovecraft’s birth.