S.T. Joshi’s blog has updated. Among the news there are details of his own forthcoming…

Songs from Lovecraft and Others — a volume of my recent musical compositions, in which I have set poems by Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and others to music. I am now fine-tuning my scores (adding dynamic markings, breath marks, and other details). We will have an accompanying CD that features a computer-generated rendition of the compositions. My music notation software (MuseScore3) is capable of producing sound files that (in the case of choral works) can sing the notes (with a kind of “Ah” sound) but cannot articulate the words. But that seems good enough for our purposes.

Wonderful. I hope he also releases the source files under Creative Commons, so others can push the MuseScore3 files through different instrument and voice modules — and so get new sonics on the same pattern.

He also notes a curious resemblance of the actor playing Prince Philip (husband of our glorious Queen) in The Crown, to H.P. Lovecraft. Just in case you were seeking to cast an actor for an HPL bio-pic.