A clear look at the cover for Fungi From Yuggoth: An Annotated Edition (2017), via the scan for a copy currently for sale on AbeBooks.

The tight crop on the seller’s scan makes it look vaguely like it might be a booklet. But it was in fact a limited edition 288-page hardcover, copiously annotated. With fine illustrations by Jason C. Eckhardt. 300 copies were issued at $45 each, and a paperback or ebook edition has yet to appear.

David E. Schultz, one of the leading authorities on Lovecraft, has spent decades preparing this annotated edition of the Fungi. He meticulously discusses the origin of the poem (including the influence of Donald Wandrei’s similar cycle, Sonnets of the Midnight Hours), its connections with Lovecraft’s fiction, Lovecraft’s changing thoughts on natural expression in poetry, and the complex history of the poem’s publication — both as individual sonnets and as a unity. Schultz also provides penetrating annotations on every poem.

Whispers from the Ghooric Zone bagged a copy in 2018, and kindly offered potential readers a peep inside.