S.T. Joshi’s blog has updated.

* News of a Joshi-penned… “little detective novel featuring Lovecraft and Sonia as detectives, Honeymoon in Jail”, which sounds fun. Perhaps an opportunity there for an aspiring comics artist to do a graphic novel adaptation of this item, I’d suggest?

* There’s to be a Japanese documentary on Lovecraft, Dark Side Mystery which will screen in Japan in November. For which the Japanese makers took the trouble to jet to the USA and also to fly S.T. Joshi to the John Hay Library in Providence and interview him there carefully for several hours. It sounds promising, and one presumes it will eventually be released online with English subtitles.

* There’s also a documentary film being made with the “Canadian documentarian Qais Pasha”, which sounds like it could be on ‘Lovecraft and his places’. Update: the core of it is “Lovecraft’s visits to Quebec”.