It’s the end of the month again. Here in the English West Midlands the month of July did its usual dance of sun and rain. Large pools now creep ominously across the wasteland toward Tentaclii Towers. The air-conditioning unit was ceremonially wheeled out of the darkness and dusted down for its usual three-day stint, in what passes for a British summer. Much ginger beer was sipped, with the aid of $59 from 19 kind Patreon patrons.

As for Tentaclii, daily posting continued and the usual haul of new items was hauled.

Forthcoming ‘collected’ books noted included Lovecraft’s best poems and best essays in new Joshi-tastic editions. In ebooks I noted the imminent affordable ebook of the stories of the late Wilum Pugmire, An Imp of Aether; and discovered that the older A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos: Origins of the Cthulhu Mythos is now available as an equally affordable third-edition ebook.

In survey books, noted were the new Encyclopedia of Weird Detectives; the new Weird Tales of Modernity; the free Worlds Imagined: the Maps of Imaginary Places in PDF; and a new edition of S.T. Joshi’s critical survey Weird Fiction in the Later 20th Century.

As for non-fiction Lovecraft or related journals, noted were: The Fossil #380 (free); Brumal’s huge Lovecraft special issue (free); the forthcoming Crypt of Cthulhu #113; and the Italian Providence Tales #4. Also two recent issues on the Russian Gothic / Magic & Magicians from the paywalled academic journal Russian Literature.

Various free scholarly items were linked up from my own Open Lovecraft page. The free Howard Days videos at YouTube, several scholarly, were also linked here in a couple of structured posts.

Scholarly ‘calls’ included S.T. Joshi’s new project Penumbra, a journal for criticism and scholarship of weird fiction, and The Dark Man journal (Robert E. Howard, and now also other pulpsters of his era), for which I made the suggestion that ‘The Small Town’ would make a good themed issue. Also noted here was the S. T. Joshi Endowed Research Fellowship.

In comics I was pleased to find the genuinely experimental Secuencia Grafica 1 from Spain, adapting “At The Mountains of Madness” in lively wordless storyboard form. I hope to have an interview with the maker in the next issue of Digital Art Live magazine, which will be themed around comics.

Outside print, a number of musical items were noted, including a CD and symphony performance, and a notable heavy rock album in place of fireworks for the 4th of July. Also news of several art shows, a theatre show, a new radio theatre CD, and a podcast or two. A couple of mildly promising indie games, Gibbous and Moons of Madness, seemed deserving of note.

For historical context there was a deep dive into “Around Brattleboro” which wrestled with the exact geography of the place and which may have found some new pictures of the 1927 floods that inspired Lovecraft. The Guest Post: “Lovecraft, alive in Paris!” gave an insight into Paris in 1970, its politics and its response to Lovecraft.

Feeling deprived of either a seaside holiday or a RPG jaunt into the Sahara, my Friday “Picture Postals” took a stroll down to the beach shacks of Marblehead and along the Newburyport shoreline, though nothing very remarkable was discovered there.

Some suggestions were made in “Toward an ‘Open Cthulhu’” and “Lovecraft’s Diary: a project proposal”.

As for my new discoveries, I’m pleased to say that several were made this month…

i) “On Buzrael” solved a small source problem in “The Dunwich Horror”.

ii) A possible new discovery was that Commonplace Book item #11 links with “The Cats of Ulthar” — though I’ve never been able to see Shultz’s Annotated Commonplace Book (1987), so perhaps he notes it there. (Is he going to get a new edition of that out, at some point soon?)

iii) “A letter from Marblehead” was a more substantial discovery, offering a very strong and previously unrecognised source for “The Strange High House in the Mist”. Possibly it’s now un-provable as a source, although someone with boots-on-the-ground in Marblehead, full access to the Lovecraft letters, and access to the Ward family records might be able to do something more with adding context to the discovery.

In the background, I’ve done a comprehensively annotated “The Cats of Ulthar” which will be released on Lovecraft’s Birthday (20th August) and which runs to 6,000 words. Also a fully annotated Lovecraft poem, which will be released for the 100th anniversary of the Mythos later this year and which is set to run to 10,000 words of annotations.

Coming in August here at Tentaclii, among other items: ‘HPL in an aquarium’ with many pictures; and a comic-strip drawn by Frank Belknap Long and featuring Lovecraft.

For my Patreon patrons, as protected posts here in July 2019…

* Lovecraft’s Unused Monsters, Cultists and Story-Settings: No.2 — the Ignis Phaunos.

* Cosmology and Harmony from the 1980s.

* Wayne June’s “The Shadow Out of Time” (for free)

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