This week’s The SFFaudio Podcast #526 is a full two-hour unabridged audiobook reading of “Herbert West: Reanimator” by H.P. Lovecraft, read by Jim Moon. Apparently it’s a re-run of a Hypnogoria podcast that I can’t immediately find and may no longer be available. “Herbert West” was of course the serial ‘shocker’ that Lovecraft wrote for Home Brew.

Looking for the Hypnogoria original of this audio reading, I was pleased to discover Hypnogoria: Microgoria #65 – Shiver and Shake and the Creepy Creations of Ken Reid. 33 minutes of podcast surveying a British master of fun cartoon monster-creation.

Ken Reid has a series of handsome book re-issues, Creepy Creations Vol 1., Faceache Vol 1: The First Hundred Scrunges, and Ken Reid’s World Wide Weirdies Vol. 1. His work will be fondly remembered by those of a certain generation.

I wonder if anyone still has that old cardboard “dial-a-monster” picture-frame from that time, which one could get through the mail and I for one had a copy of (long lost, now). It was an early generative work, as millions of unique combinations were possible, there being circular dials which would swing a variety of eyes, hair, chins, noses etc into the picture-frame portrait. They were designed so they would all more or less seamlessly blend together.