As Mickey Rooney might once have said… “Look kids… there’s an old abandoned castle up there on the hill! We don’t need those blockheads in town. Let’s use that castle to put on our show!”

CarcosaCon ships 350 of “the most devoted fans of [the RPG] Call of Cthulhu” to a remote castle in Poland…

a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet legendary RPG creators, talk and play with them in a low-key environment. What else is there, waiting for the players? The halls and chambers of the Czocha castle are full of nooks and crannies, perfect for RPG sessions, a games room full of Cthulhu-related games, a tavern hall, original lectures, an exciting LARP, a gripping escape room and dungeons filled with never-before uncovered, terrifying secrets. All this within a scenic castle overlooking a tranquil, yet mysterious lake. CarcosaCon is an international convention, where the primary language used is English. The aim of the convention is to combine game-playing as a hobby with a weekend getaway with friends.

I don’t normally cover the RPG side of Lovecraft, or fan conventions, here at Tentaclii. But this looks like an event that’s too fab to overlook.

Presumably, having been ‘play-tested’ so-to-speak, the venue could also become a suitable future home for a wider pan-national Lovecraft convention for Eastern Europe? I’d imagine that most of the younger fans there all speak reasonably good English these days, so the language barriers (that held such things back in the past) might now be able to be overcome?