The Cthulhu Reborn blog has completed a handy and succinct “helicopter” overview of all the Cthulhu/Lovecraft-related RPG releases of 2018. Including pointers to some rather polished new gaming magazines. The survey is now complete, and will thus move on to review individual titles. My Tentaclii blog doesn’t cover such game-books, unless they’re also of use as reference works for writers. But I’m pleased to find someone who does, and who provides a highly informed annual overview which helps non-gamers to keep a finger on trends and sensitivities over in the publishing gamer-verse…

Cthulhu in 2018: A Retrospective, part 1

Cthulhu in 2018: A Retrospective, part 2

Cthulhu in 2018: A Retrospective, part 3

Cthulhu in 2018: A Retrospective, part 4

Fine work. I ported all four parts into Word (a simple copy-paste to Word also auto-imports the pictures) and got a 10,000-word PDF for sending to my Kindle.

For those short of time, the three most interesting points for non-gamers are:

1) the new full-colour magazine, whose cover is seen above, which may well interest artists and writers as well as gamers.

2) there’s now a full-cast high-quality audio production of the all-time role-playing gaming classic Masks of Nyarlathotep, so that non-gamers can now enjoy it too. Select the “MP3’s only” option in the easily-overlooked dropdown box, which has a £27 download option for the six episodes.

3) there’s now (finally, after more than thirty years) a £20 introductory starter-pack for total newcomers to the Call of Cthulhu RPG game, with a rule-book of a mere 24 pages and various other starter bits and pieces.