Well, another month has nearly gone on Tentaclii. Snow and crisp ice powders the ground below Tentaclii Towers, and the sky across the valley is an icy blue. But thankfully my typing fingers are warm, and in January 2019 the blog had 7,000 words of daily blog posts + many pictures.

Including: my new discovery of details and pictures for Lovecraft’s encounter with a bas-relief maker in Salem prior to “The Call of Cthulhu”; details of where one might (perhaps) find a published Wortman cartoon showing a good portrait of Kirk (of the Lovecraft circle) & his Chelsea Book Shop; a new pictorial survey of the Rhode Island School of Design including my newly-found picture of the Greek and Roman sculpture gallery interior as Lovecraft knew it in his boyhood; many notes and links for new books and scholarly essays and papers; details of a new free high-quality graphic novel of Lovecraft’s life; and several links to relevant online archive and in one case free audiobooks. Free research tools for independent scholars were also noted, with Paperwork being open source software for searching inside your PDF collection, and my JURN open access search-engine has returned to its former URL. There were also posts and links relating to the comics artist Moebius, to R.E. Howard, and one for Poe as a character in fiction.

If you can support Tentaclii on Patreon, please, then that would be very welcome and encouraging. The end of January saw new Patrons emerge from Norway and France, and so I now have 8 patrons giving $52 a month. All appear to be Tentaclii readers, as my hopes appear to have been unfounded that patrons might also be found among the readers of Digital Art Live magazine or users of JURN. Despite the quality of those two projects.

If you can spare just $1 a month via Patreon, please, it would be very welcome. Or you can just promote Tentaclii to your forums and groups, or do the same for one of my books. Many thanks!