Added to my Open Lovecraft page…

* R. F. de Medeiros, “Borges leitor de Lovecraft”, Nau Literaria, Vol 4. No 1, 2008. (In Spanish. “This article analyzes J. Borges’ short story ‘There are more things’, seeking to unveil the way in which the writer assumes the authorial identity of H. P. Lovecraft, realizing what he calls a ‘posthumous tale’ by the American writer”).

There appear to be no MP3 audiobook readings of this short story online, only someone reading the story’s Wikipedia entry (such fun…). There’s one commercial physical CD from Penguin from 2010, of all his fictions. But oddly Borges appears to have nothing in English translation on Audible. Apparently the Penguin recording is tinny and the reading rather fast, so one might want to rip from CD to files and then use AIMP to pitch-shift, equalise the sound and slow down the speaker.

Also added to Open Lovecraft:

* B. Siegel, “In Defense of Dagon: Intertextuality in “The Shape of Water””, 2018. (Detects influences from Lovecraft and the Bible in del Toro’s movie The Shape of Water).

* A. Barroso, “Fear and (non) fiction: Agrarian anxiety in “The Colour Out of Space””, 2018. (Masters dissertation for East Michigan University, 2018).