With the news that Amazon is to effectively become a movie studio and release 10 or more movies a year, here are the Lovecraft movies I’d like to see…

1. A faithful “The Shadow over Innsmouth” feature film done in 1940s film noir style and setting.

2. A beautiful closely-observed steampunk/psychedelic/bromance art-house film of “Hypnos”, with just voiceovers.

3. A big psychological thriller of “The Temple”. The movie The Boat, basically, but First World War and done as a horror/fantasy movie. Maybe intertwined with an ancient Greece flashback back-story about the beautiful boy (borrow from “Iranon” and “The Tree”?), for occasional respite from the grim submarine interior.

4. “The Rats in the Walls” filmed and monster-designed by del Toro, from storyboards by Tim Burton and a script by Neil Gaiman.

5. “The Terrible Old Man” and “The Strange High House in the Mist” spliced together and filmed as a laconic Tarkovsky’s Stalker-meets-Visconti-meets-A Field in England-meets-Picnic At Hanging Rock landscape art-house movie, in which first the young thieves and later the professor struggle to journey across the overgrown lanes and bare headlands toward the strange high house, having started in a sunny Death in Venice-like Edwardian New England seaside resort.

6. “The Lurking Fear” but set in the wild 17th century Catskill Mountains, as a dark fantasy origin tale for a Solomon Kane -like figure, perhaps made even more spicy with borrowings of scenes from R.E. Howard.

7. “The Horror at Red Hook” spliced with “Pickman’s Model”, in a vivid 1920s New York setting.

8. “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” as a faithful animated feature adaptation.

9. A dreamy shadowy “The Haunter of the Dark” spliced with “The Evil Clergyman” (mysterious figures are the psychic residue of the Starry Wisdom) and (for less predictability) the ‘angles’ elements from “The Dreams in the Witch House” (angles were being researched and probed by the Starry Wisdom?). Might have an “Erich Zann” sub-plot or opening section?

10. Lovecraft’s life story, a bio-pic.