Some academic conferences already announced for 2015, of relevance to H.P. Lovecraft…

* Gothic Spaces: Boundaries, Mergence, Liminalities, 21st-22nd January 2015, Sydney, Australia.

   “the meaning and impact of Gothic spaces not only in aesthetic terms, but also the physical, psychological, and the cultural”

* Monstrous Geographies: places and spaces of monstrosity, 22nd-24th March 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

   “the relationship between the monstrous and the geographic”

* 2nd Global Conference on Letters and Letter Writing, 22nd-24th March 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

    Very broad, seems to be open to anything on letters and correspondence circles.

* “The Once and Future Antiquity: Classical Traditions in Science Fiction and Fantasy” conference, Seattle, 27th-29th March 2015.

   “What roles has classical antiquity played in visions of the future, the fantastic, the speculative, the might-have-been?”

* Enchanted Edwardians, 30th-31st March 2015, Bristol, England.

   “…the ways in which the [British] Edwardians understood and employed the idea of the enchanted, the haunted and the supernatural.”

* Local Color Outside the Lines: American Literary Regionalism’s ‘Others’ (Northeast Modern Literature Assoc.), 30th April 2015, Toronto, Canada.

   “This panel seeks papers that address [USA] literary regionalism’s ‘others’ construed narrowly or broadly”.