Lovecraft Annual No. 8 (2014) is now listed on the Hippocampus Press website.


H.P. Lovecraft, Letters to Farnsworth Wright.

R.H. Barlow, “The Night Ocean”.

Dustin Geeraert, “Sanity, Subjectivity, and the Supernatural: Dreams of the Devil in Existentialism and the Weird Tale”.

James O. Butler, “Terror and Terrain: The Environmental Semantics of Lovecraft County”.

Phillip A. Ellis, “Two Poets and Beauty: H.P. Lovecraft and James Elroy Flecker“.

Kenneth W. Faig, Jr., “Lovecraft’s Third Meeting with David V. Bush”.

J.D. Worthington, “Echoes of a Warrior Poet: The Influence of Alan Seeger on Lovecraft”.


Briefly Noted

Note that when the store says “SHIPS FREE WORLDWIDE WITH ANY OTHER PURCHASE” it seems to mean anything other than another Lovecraft Annual, since they all have that same rider. I checked, and found the checkout adding $17 extra shipping for two different Lovecraft Annual copies.

One wonders if the “Letters to Farnsworth Wright” include previously unpublished missives?