Ancient mushrooms meet high technology such as 3d printing.

Mushroom chair


Myx Mushroom Lamp


Fungus Chair in 3D-Printed Mould


Eco-friendly mushroom fibre replacement for foam packaging


“Building The World’s First Mushroom Tower”


One wonders what might happen when future bio-engineering is added to the mix. Take a giant puffball (up to five feet wide) and bio-engineer it to form a dome rather than a solid ball, and make it grow four times as big. Spray the resultant 20ft high dome with a further bio-engineered organism that turns the flesh into a durable weather-proof form. Pop-up houses, literally — just take a good saw and cut out your doors and windows. When you’re finished with it for the summer, spray it with simple salt or suchlike, so the autumn rain gets through the membrane and the dome just rots down to the ground within days, leaving no trace.

herbs-giant-puffballHerb’s giant puffball.

“Mycotecture: architecture grown out of mushrooms” (90 minute video lecture) by Phil Ross…