The Science of H.P. Lovecraft, podcast interview with S.T. Joshi on Lovecraft and science. The podcast as a whole is well worth a listen right the way through, and would make an excellent send if you wanted to enthuse a young relative or friend about Lovecraft for the first time.



The podcast has a very rich downloadle back-catalogue, but here are some of their other episodes that may especially appeal to readers of this blog:

The Science of Uncanny Music and The Sound Aquatic.

Hammer of the Witches (the science behind superstitious persecution) and Why Your Brain Likes Conspiracy.

Fiction: Reality’s Secret Master and Why Science Fiction Matters and Why We Enjoy Horror.

The Memory of Slime (the “intelligence” of slime molds and why they force us to re-think the evolution of intelligence) and The Mind of the Kraken.

The Science of Haunted Houses and Cultural Fears about Graveyards.

Why Some People Are Cat People and Cat Parasites Conquer the World.

Werewolf Principle: Adapting Humans for Space and Emotions in Outer Space and Gimme That Old Time Space Religion (how belief systems may change as a result of space exploration) and The Overview Effect: Tripping Out in Space.

Their podcast RSS feed is no longer publicised or on the browser’s URL bar (even with my put the damn RSS button back in the URL bar! add-on), and I had to hack for 20 minutes to get it: RSS.