I’m very pleased that the legendary Lovecraft researcher Randy Everts has chosen Tentaclii to help publish an important new essay on Lovecraft in Providence. His essay reveals, for the first time, one of Lovecraft’s previously unknown local friends — Chester Alywn Mowry (1898-1945).

With his permission I have slightly tweaked the essay, formatted it with my usual book style, and added my footnotes plus a few extra pictures. My thanks to Randy for this great opportunity.

   “Yeh—keep it up [meaning, the use of new American slang and twang], & you’ll have even Mowry rolling his rrr … ’s in mid-western style yet!” (Letter from Lovecraft to James F. Morton of January 1928).

Download: Randy Everts, “Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No.1, Chester Alwyn Mowry”. (PDF, formatted for 6″ x 9″ print, 8,000 words inc. footnotes).