More picks of recent Lovecraft related and (now also) R.E. Howard related LORAs, these being free plugin for models based off the free Stable Diffusion 1.5 AI image generator.

* Stygia, explicitly modelled on Conan’s world and darker than usual ‘mediaeval desert, with pyramids and crypts’ settings.

* Conan trained on old comics plus oil paintings and film-stills. Doesn’t look great, the faces being too anime. But might be worth a try with a different model more oriented to western comics? Beware of commercial use, for a lookalike barbarian named ‘Conan’. Since there are still active Conan trademark-trolls in the USA. Apparently they are underlings of the megacorp Tencent, and can claim a trademark in the name until 2028. So you might call him some adjacent name instead, like Xolan or Kohlan.

* Style of Andreas Achenbach, possibly of interest for sword & sorcery, fantasy-historical.

* UFO Alchemy, which looks like it could be de-UFO’d and made into more of a Lovecraftian ‘cosmic map’.

* Style of Norman Ackroyd, moody British 1970s aquatint, possibly useful for Innsmouth-type scenes to which you’d add text to make a ‘widescreen’ storybook. Apparently Norman Ackroyd was one of the core artists in the SD 1.5 initial training. His ‘look’ was…

* 1900 style photographs, likely to be useful for RPG pictures and the like.

* There was also a new LORA that attempted to emulate Weird Tales covers, but the samples looked so bad that I’m not linking it.