New on Librivox, a public-domain audio reading of the brilliant “Through the Gates of the Silver Key”. This being the joint sequel, written with E. Hoffmann Price, to Lovecraft’s “The Silver Key”.

Price supplied the core plot outline, and some of the Necronomicon quotes, Lovecraft then went to work on a massive makeover which left less than 50 words of Price’s original standing. Price’s original can be found in Crypt of Cthulhu #10 (1982, not online, aka ‘Ashes And Others’). There used to be paid digital downloads of the old Crypt issues, but it looks like the store has now gone. This loss appears to have wiped out not just the older issues, but also the 2017-2022 run.

However, Price’s original can be seen in decipherable scans at the Brown Digital Repository.