David J. Goodwin’s ‘Lovecraft in New York’ book has a title and a date. According to Amazon UK, Midnight Rambles: H.P. Lovecraft in Gotham will appear in Kindle and hardback on 7th November 2023, and is billed as a 272-page…

chronological micro-biography of Lovecraft’s New York years emphasizing Lovecraft’s exploration of the city environment, the greater metropolitan region, and other locales and how they molded him as a writer and as an individual.

I’ll no doubt be reviewing it when I get a copy, probably in the company of the other 2023-expected book on Lovecraft in Florida.

Also of possible interest, and to be published in the same month, A Lovecraftian Biography of H.P. Lovecraft by Osvaldo Felipe Amorarte. Billed as biography of “Lovecraft’s private life and, using his own writing style and atmosphere” to convey his “relationships, illnesses, disillusions and his own fear of the unknown”. Although it looks like it might be a work assisted by a ChatGTP-type AI re-writer, judging by the descriptions of the author’s previous books.

Still, it’s an interesting idea. Tell of Lovecraft’s life, with factual accuracy, but in a series of linked stories written in his own style. Writing convincingly with Lovecraft’s style and language is easier said than done, of course. But who knows what style-morphing wonders AIs may yet unfold?