The Silver Key has posted a long recap of the 2023 Robert E. Howard Days which have just successfully finished for this year. Also a “Howard Days Wrap Up” at the Rogues in the House podcast.

SpraguedeCampFan ran day-by-day posts, and his final one “Time to Come Home” has links to all the previous posts. There are abundant clear photographs.

Plus Savage journal entry #41 reports on a trip to Howard Days 2023, with photos.

The R.E. Howard Foundation has a post on “The journey of REH’s writing table: a piece of literary history”, on Howard’s lovingly restored writing table. This was a feature of this year’s Howard Days.

Wild Stars also has a set of pictures.

There was coverage in the local Brookhaven Courier, “Museum celebrates author Robert E. Howard”.

The Robert E. Howard Days: 2023 Events Schedule. No YouTube, podcast or audio files as yet, that I can find. I seem to recall that in previous years, the panel recordings surfaced online in due course.

Also in REH, and available along with the new affordable Collected Letters at Howard Days, I see we have a new edition of The Dark Man scholarly journal. ‘New’ since I last noticed it. Issue 13.1, January 2023 includes what appears to be a substantial survey of Conan’s predecessors. The issue is also interesting re: the editors being open to an essay on Tolkien.

I would assume that we’re moving toward the time of year when potential contributors for January 2024 should be thinking about what they might submit in the late summer?

Coming next, PulpFest 2023.